Espace ContreContre: Exhibition Mario Masini “Farewell tour”

Mario Masini

We are in 1968. Mario Masini painted his first picture. The idea of a temptation that will last a long time. In her text “Tales in reverse” Regina Gracia writes: “I am not the first person to note his relationship to the material, his range of colors almost always earthy and extinguished (…) and his flirtation with the kitsch.

On closer inspection, it is indeed the idea of this earthy kitsch that could dynamite our collective idea of the beautiful and the well done. Too quickly seen, too well arranged. So I invite you to his “farewell” tour. A tour that will begin at Espace ContreContre and will continue (in the places).

A farewell tour of a painter is not common but it also allows us to associate ourselves with the Fondation Ateliers d’artiste and its curator Walter Tschopp in order to reflect on the durability of a work and the still taboo question of the remains of workshops of dead artists. This reflection will be the subject of a round table around which we will invite collectors, curators, artists and politicians. The provisional title is: Artists are not eternal.

In collaboration with the Fondation Atelier d’artiste and its curator Walter Tschopp, + Le contrepoint de Thérèse Martin.

Practical information Please visit the Espace ContreContre website!

Photo credit: ©Mario Masini, Veuilleurs

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