Eglise St Michel: Concert du chœur St Michel [English]

Join us on Saturday, March 16, 2024 to hear the panel of Mozart works prepared for an anniversary by the Saint-Michel Choir.

On Saturday March 16, the Choeur St Michel, invites you to St-Michel church for an evening of music.

Founded in 1964, Martigny’s Choeur St-Michel celebrates its 60th anniversary in song. The choir will be performing a selection of works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

If the aria from Mozart’s Little Night Music is familiar to the ears of classical music lovers, the Missa Brevis n°5, composed in 1775, stands out as a charming and lively work, characterized by its fluid musical writing and expressive character.

Better known as the SpatzenMesse (Sparrow Mass), this missa brevis owes its curious nickname to the lively, playful rhythmic motifs of the violins at the beginning of the Sanctus, combined with the chirping of sparrows. Like many of Mozart’s compositions, it demonstrates his melodic genius and ability to create musical works that are both accessible and profoundly artistic.

Alma Dei Creatoris, a Latin hymn for soloists, choir and orchestra, written in 1777, reveals Mozart’s talent for sacred music, and showcases his elegant, ever-expressive style. The work includes various sections such as the opening chorus, solo parts, and other elements characteristic of a mass. It testifies to Mozart’s mastery in creating choral works that combine spiritual grandeur with refined musical elements.

Ave Verum corpus, a motet in D major for choir and orchestra composed in 1791 for the feast of Corpus Christi

For a captivating interpretation of this program, blending the voices of the soloists with the richness of the orchestra, the Chœur St Michel has joined forces with the musicians of the Valéik ensemble and four renowned soloists: Laurine Moulin (soprano), Valérie Pellegrini (alto), Jean-Marie Putallaz (tenor) and Frédéric Moix (bass).


8:00 pm to 8:45 pm

©Deutsch, Otto Erich (1965) Mozart: A Documentary Biography. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

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