Cellules Poétiques – Après l’averse

Cellules poétiques is a multi-faceted festival. The events on offer give pride of place to words, but also to the silences, movements, images and sounds that accompany them.

After the Storm. Maybe also during. Inside. Underneath. And it makes you shiver, and it also makes you smile a little, as if under a cloak. A reading enhanced by live electronic music and projections.

The performance reading of Après l’Averse is designed not only to allow the full corpus of the narrative to be heard and the works that make it up to be seen, but also to recreate the atmosphere of the book by immersing the audience in the strange, catastrophic, even catastrophist, slightly documentary, slightly conspiratorial but discreetly ironic and distanced universe that characterizes it. We won’t blow the trumpets of collapsological discourse without the precautions of a salvific and invigorating sense of humor!

Practical info

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: Fondation Louis Moret

Price: Free admission, hat at the door

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