SLURP!!! The exhibitions

A new mural signed by the best comic and press artists (Alex Baladi, Adrienne Barman, Hélène Becquelin, Bénédicte, Dominique Bertail, Chappatte, Ibn Al Rabin, Pigr, Pitch, Tom Tirabosco), outdoor exhibitions (Adrienne Barman, Hélène Becquelin, Dominique Bertail, EPAC, Ambroise Héritier, Maison du dessin de presse) that took place in unusual places (on the edge of the zoo, in the vaults of the balancing pool, on the Cergneux meadow, in the gondola).


But what sweet craziness do you think has taken hold in Les Marécottes? The answer is “SLURP! 1ère édition”, which you can discover with your family until the end of October.

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