International Rally : 4th edition 20’000 Lieux sur les mers

International Rally

20’000 Places on the Seas: 4th edition on September 11 and 12, 2021!

20,000 Places on the Seas is :

20 places to cross in 20 hours on 20’000 meters of altitude to accumulate!

3 possibilities of participation

The Nautilus : 20 hours endurance race

The Abraham Lincoln: An event spread over 2 days in 2x 10 hours. The team must make 5 round trips per day

Aronnax: Event spread over 1 day of 10 hours. The team must make 5 round trips

Teams called patrols made up of a minimum of 2 motorcycles with no maximum number of participants.

Generall information

Departure/arrival: Parking du Campanile, Rue du Léman 15 1920 Martigny

General conditions of participation:

Registration fee:
CHF50 per person

Registration and contact:
Bastien Schüle +41 079 754 87 72