Caves du Manoir: Concerts Trepaneringsritualen & Verset Zero

Saturday, May 7th, 22, an oppressive mass will take place at the Caves du Manoir!


Trepaneringsritualen was launched in Götheborg on August 23, 2008. Since then, the artifacts have been released through several labels, for example Tesco, Cold Spring, Pesanta Urfolk and Malignant.

Trepaneringsritualen has performed countless live rituals around the world, including festivals such as Heavy Electronics III, Stella Natura, Wave Gothic Treffen

Verset Zero

Verset Zero is a post-metal and noise music project.

A declaration of love, dismembered by darkness, violence and blasphemy. A notion of global art that remains integral, using the practices of multiple mediums; collaborating with tattoo artists, graphic artists, filmmakers, designers, choreographers, various disciplines are forged into a ruthless image.

Verse Zero is a noise, a musical distortion, a fuzzy scream, a deep and hard bass, it is an aesthetic, an intoxicating smell, a dark light that crosses our lives… A prayer that crosses an oppressive atmosphere.

Practical information Please consult the complete program on the Caves du Manoir website!

Photo credit: ©Lola Rossi, Verset Zero

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