Carnival of Martigny-Bourg: The return !

Concert of the Guggen des Peinsaclicks of Hérémence

Following the last announcements of the Confederation, the Carnival of the Village opens the festivities!

On the program:

Confetti battle on the Place du Bourg at 22:01
Concert of the Guggen des Peinsaclicks
Tiki evening at the 6ème Sens
Musical animation at the bar Le Kan
Musical animation at Nul Bar Ailleurs & Anouk
Opening of the Bars Sauvages Le Pavé, La roulotte des Gueux & Le Bar Hic
And let’s not forget all the other bars that are still being organized as we write this

Practical information: Complete program to consult here :

Opening times:
22:01pm: Beginning of the evening
02:00am: End of the evening

Photo credit: ©Marie-Jeanne Delaloye, Carnaval du Bourg 2018