Photographies by Thomas Andenmatten [English]

Opening of the exhibition of Thomas Andenmatten at the media library of the Valais of Martigny, on 15.02.2024 at 18H00!

Don’t miss the opening of Thomas Andenmatten’s exhibition at the Médiathèque du valais in Martigny on 15.02.2024 at 18:00.

In this exhibition, Haut-Valais photographer Thomas Andematten zooms in on a particular construction technique known in Wallisertitsch as “Gwätt”.

A student of Oswald Ruppen, Thomas Andenmatten worked for many years as a freelancer in Brig. His projects were based, among other things, on the documentation of disused and repurposed buildings.

During his research, the “Gwätt”, known as “en coches” in French, particularly caught his attention. These are wall beams – logs – stacked at angles and held in place by notches.

This technique has been used for centuries to build rural houses and buildings in the Valais. The “en coches” immortalized for the exhibition were reworked by the photographer in post-production, using symmetry and mirrors to create a surprising trompe-l’oeil effect.

In addition to the fascinating assembly of the pieces of wood, the various colored touches add an extra dimension to the perception of these photographs.

The photographs can be viewed from 15.02.2024 to 27.04.2024!

Free admission

©Thomas Andenmatten, Photographer

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