Cellules Poétiques – Lecture musicale “Chair Vive”

Cellules poétiques is a multi-faceted festival. The events on offer give pride of place to words, but also to the silences, movements, images and sounds that accompany them.

Chair Vive or “Grisélidis Réal’s Inner Cathedral

Gathered together for the first time in a single volume, the poems written by Grisélidis Real throughout her life (from the age of thirteen to her death) form a body of work of rare coherence and strength. This collection is perhaps her fundamental work. From early symbolism, to the poignant poetic “story” of prostitution or the struggle against cancer, Grisélidis Réal’s poems tell the story of a life, with a unique art and depth when she speaks of love, sex, illness, motherhood… finding there the greatest beauty.

“Grisélidis Réal was all women. The popular and the literary, the prostitutes and the mothers, the artists and the lovers.”

In the current wave of revaluation of women artists, honoring Grisélidis seems inescapable. Her life’s destiny, but here, above all and more than ever, her poetic writing. The act of reading has the virtue of leaving the listener a mental space to give shape and life to the words. Without pretending to embody this facetious and profound poetess, the narrators wish to make her inner worlds resonate, as a vector, a transmitter of a word. Lend a voice to make her work heard or roar, offer an emotional path through music, and attempt to share, with a respectful approach, the transience of poetry.

In all simplicity, the poetry is read or sung, the guitar accompanies the melody of the words, and sometimes a dialogue begins with the poetess, like a tribute, a thank-you.The language is suave, soft or rough, it comes in French and German, it tells of lives, with that something that can unite us, for the space of an evening.

Practical info

Time: 6:30pm

Venue : Manoir de la Ville de Martigny

Price: CHF 20/15

Age : From 16 years

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