Alex Klein Country Band – 9:00 PM

  • Petite scène
  • from 9 pm to 10:30 pm

Come and discover the Alex Klein Country Band, a group that perfectly embodies the spirit of country music with a touch of “twang.” Led by Alex Klein, a Fribourg native deeply immersed in American culture and fluent in three languages, the band tirelessly tours country festivals, clubs, and line dance events.

An Authentic and Engaged Repertoire

Alex Klein’s success is built on a repertoire of traditional country music, enriched with a particular sensitivity that connects him closely to the country line dance community. A talented composer, he has produced five albums in Nashville, Tennessee, a city with which he has developed a true love affair over the years. Alex Klein performs about 40 times a year in Switzerland, France, Spain, and even in the United States, with performances in Nashville, New Orleans, and Lubbock, Texas. He has also participated in several country-themed cruises in the Mediterranean.

The band consists of exceptional musicians, each bringing their unique touch:

  • Alex Klein – Guitar and Vocals
    Alex Klein, the charismatic and passionate leader, leads the band with his powerful voice and captivating guitar playing.
  • John Kunz – Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar, and Vocals
    John Kunz, a virtuoso on the fiddle and acoustic guitar, enriches each performance with his energy and musical versatility.
  • Peter Kalkix – Bass and Vocals
    Peter Kalkix, with his mastery of the bass and vocal harmonies, adds depth and rhythm to the band’s compositions.
  • Rafi Zimmermann – Drums
    Rafi Zimmermann, a dynamic drummer, provides a solid rhythmic foundation and exuberant energy to each concert.

This performance is part of the Martigny Est Dans La Place festival (#MEDLP).

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