Le coin vinyles: Expo Photo, “Ice focus” par Laurence Piaget-Dubuis [English]

Photo exhibition in the vinyl corner by Laurence Piaget-Dubuis, from June 29 to July 13, 2024!

From June 29 to July 13, 2024, you can discover Laurence Piaget-Dubuis’ exhibition in the vinyl corner.

Opening hours:

Wed: 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Thurs-Fri: 10H00 to 12H00 & 13H30 to 18H30

Sa: 10H00 to 17H00

The year 2024 marks an anniversary, but above all it pays tribute to the Rhône glacier and other glaciers that are silently disappearing. They are the memory of humanity and, more modestly, the memory of Laurence Piaget-Dubuis’s story.

While snow is gradually disappearing from the plateau, it is also becoming rarer at higher altitudes, reveal data extracted from the Swiss Data Cube. The “eternal snow” zone, where the probability of snowfall fluctuates between 80% and 100%, still covered 27% of Swiss territory in the decade 1995-2005. Ten years later, it had shrunk to 23%, a loss of 2,100 km2 that represents seven times the surface area of the canton of Geneva. Grégory Giuliani, a researcher at UNIGE’s Institute of Environmental Sciences (ISE) and with GRID-Geneva, adds: “Generally speaking, we can also observe that the low-snow conditions that prevail on the plateau are gradually gaining ground in the Jura and the Alps, a phenomenon that is particularly visible in the Rhône Valley.” University of Geneva, 2018.

For some time now, awareness of global climate change and its cascading effects has been (almost) in everyone’s consciousness. The Rhône glacier has helped to broaden Ms. Piaget-Dubuis’ awareness and increase her willingness to tend towards more responsible consumption and develop greater respect for the environment. The disappearance of the Rhône glacier confronts the photographer with her own human mortality and helps reveal the life-giving potential of her existence.

Further information on the photographer’s website.

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