Valais – The land of singing bell towers

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The rhythmic and melodic playing of the traditional Valaisan carillon, still practiced in some of the canton’s bell towers, is today one of the most attractive and at the same time rarest campanile customs in Europe. This knowledge, transmitted from generation to generation, is in danger of being forgotten.

About 15 years ago, Beat Jaggy, musician and composer, was bewitched by the charm of bells. Since then, he has been interested in this instrument and the musical, artistic and creative possibilities that it offers. Very active in the association Carillon-VS, he collects as much information as possible on this subject in order to keep this tradition of the Rhone Valley alive.

The exhibition Valais – Le pays des clochers qui chantent (Valais – The land of singing bell towers) gives an insight into this fascination for bells and the enormous amount of research and collection work done by Beat Jaggy and the Carillon-VS association.

Thanks to them, six church bells, in which the particular type of Valaisan carillon is still practiced, could be documented. The results, published at the end of 2022, will be accessible on a website. It will be constantly enriched and will become an encyclopedia of the Valaisan carillon landscape. This research work has also made it possible to accumulate a quantity of information on the bells themselves.

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