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Théâtre du Martolet, St-Maurice

Fourteen July 1789, at the Palace of Versailles. And to start the day with an explosive cocktail. A feminist queen who wants a divorce, an erudite maid, a boot-licking, widowed counsellor, a whimsical muse of the Marseilles pantless… And of course, the King, overwhelmed by events. Plus a few drops of news between the yellow vests, Twitter, BFM and the fires of love. Serve chilled! A refreshing and completely crazy room where laughter fuses with every line. A totally crazy and offbeat humor with a lot of finesse. A revolt? No, a revolution! Ah, it will laugh, it will laugh, it will laugh!

General information

Opening time:
8:30 pm

From CHF 45.-

+41 24 485 40 40