Regard de Louis: Fernand Dubuis

Painting exhibition

Last summer, Regards de Louis offered a glimpse of the Louis Moret Foundation’s collection. Works by Albert Chavaz, Gérard de Palézieux, Paul Monnier, Joseph Gautschi and two paintings by Fernand Dubuis: auspices of a future exhibition project.

This autumn, Regard de Louis: Fernand Dubuis invites us to rediscover this important Swiss artist by presenting a selection of works – gouaches, oils, watercolours, collages – all related to Louis Moret: pieces chosen and admired by the Dranse gallery owner, originally from his own collection.

Belonging to various periods of Fernand Dubuis’ artistic career, the works on display speak of his progressive quest for essentiality and, at the same time, of his liberation from the constraint of reproducing the world.
“I paint nothing, even the most colourful and abstract things, that has not been observed, consciously or unconsciously”: for the artist, the observation of an autumnal landscape, a flute, a pipe, a basket of oranges, a Venetian harbour, melts and merges with their perception. His technique involves a long process of analysis: it is an immersion in the retinal field, to put it in his words. It is an immersion in the retinal field, to put it in his own words, an immersion to which he gives himself up completely from the 1960s onwards, in Normandy.

First, he notes the names of the colours that have moved him, makes tests, arranges the elements on the surface. Then he spreads, scrapes, or adds paint, even using a knife. Then, his intuition tells him the shapes that the colours must take, without being blocked by an outline, a drawing; without being able to identify the object of his inspiration. Finally, he looks for, and finds, the dissonant note capable of animating the composition; it is this blue among the greens, or this violet among the yellows. As if it were obvious, he suddenly realises that the work is finished. It is a moment of grace: the energy of the sensitive things, seen or felt, circulates among the coloured masses and the painting becomes “alive”.

Practical information

Opening hours:
Vernissage: Saturday, October 16th from 5pm
Wednesday to Sunday : 3pm-6pm

Free admission. Visit according to the sanitary norms in force.

Information and contact:
+41 27 722 23 47

©Fernand Dubuis, Immobile musique, 1980, oil on canvas, 81 x 100, Private collection Martigny