Protestant Temple of Martigny: Exhibition “Assis dans les pentes”


Sitting on the slopes”, from the temple to the garden, engraving & poetry

“The alpine garden of the poet engraver”

The exhibition “Assis dans les pentes” unveils a series of engravings of alpine plants and texts written on the paths. The protestant temple of Martigny welcomes about fifty engravings on wood by Olivier Taramarcaz. A tribute to the diversity of flowers that we see on our paths. In parallel, about thirty poetic texts written on signposts, punctuate the course in the garden, by a reflexive invitation.

“Listen to what sings”
The exhibition Sitting in the slopes reveals the discreet beauty of flowers, which we walk by, very often without seeing them. The flowers of the Alps and the poetic texts presented in the garden of the Temple and in the heart of the church are the fruit of observations in the mountains, during slow walks. The engravings of plants offered to the eye make us realize that the precious is found in the trembling of a tuft of twigs. It is by stopping that we learn to listen to what sings.

Practical information:

Opening hours:
09:00am – 06:00pm

Price: Free entrance

Photo credit: ©Olivier Taramarcaz, Yellow Gentian, woodcut