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LOVE lasts three years according to Frédéric Beigbeder. Three years, period. Some sociologists talk about 2 years and superstitious people like to play with the number 7. We don’t know how to measure the time of a LOVE. What if LOVE only lasts 5 minutes? Even less, perhaps?

Surely, LOVE is a moment, a story and like all stories, it has a beginning, a middle and an end. We find the joys of the first emotions, the fantasies of the dreamed person. Then we experience LOVE and discover the other person, while discovering ourselves. Finally the story ends, the melody ends.

An inexhaustible resource for composers, the theme of LOVE has offered each generation musical masterpieces. We will interpret some of them … The show proposed this year by the association LE ROSEGORGE tends to take the public in the twists and turns of this universal story. Through a varied repertoire, it will highlight the laughter, the burlesque and obviously the emotion that the love life expresses.

With Anne-Laure Varone, Emily Sarrasin, Justine Darbellay, Priska Cordonnier, Patricia Darbellay and Stéphane Storelli on SINGING, Valentin Claivoz on ACCORDEON, André Vouilloz on PIANO, Bernard Vouilloz on GUITAR, Sacha K. Rudaz on SOUND and stage management, Olena Mishchuk on LIGHTING and David Moret on STAGE MANAGEMENT.