La Belle Toile Gallery : Bernadette Moery “Art Recup’ ” Exhibition

Galerie La Belle Toile : Exhibition Bernadette "Moery "Art Recup' " - from August 25th to October 13th 2022

Bernadette Moery is a child of Plan-les-Ouates (Geneva). A trained photo-lithographer, she has always been immersed in the artistic world. It is the works of non-figurative painters that have marked her the most. It is undoubtedly the destiny and the hazards of the life which led, since 1997, Bernadette to choose the career of painter.

Bernadette exhibits in various galleries in Geneva, Valais, France, as well as at the Contemporary Art Fair in Montreux. She won the 1st prize of the public in 2010 at the group exhibition of La Julienne (GE). In 2012, she participated as a painter in the TSR program “Mon village a du talent”.

Today, it is the gallery La Belle Toile in Martigny-Bourg that welcomes Bernadette’s works, with a display of paintings dedicated to Art’Récup.

Abandoning academic arts, Bernadette has been exploring mixed media since 2004. She now uses acrylic paint and, as needed, creates her own handmade paint from rusty nails or copper that she lets oxidize in water. Her art sometimes shocks by its audacious conception, but cannot leave indifferent.

Bernadette reveals an approach of openness and communion with the objects, which all have grace in her eyes. At the base of her research, everything is recovery. Endowed with an imagination with creative resonances, she collects, gathers a form, a material, sometimes even memorable residues forgotten and abandoned in the mountains or in the lakes.

For the creation of her backgrounds, which are real structures, she introduces materials as diverse as improbable: metals, fabrics, gassed bandages, plasters, labels, newspapers, … The objects are incorporated with happiness, humor and sensuality to her paintings, thanks to a mixed technique (collage, acrylic, tar, rust …).

Reflective and whimsical, Bernadette “exorcises” oblivion through her assemblages whose inventiveness is highlighted by a poetry imbued with mystery.

She creates with an inexhaustible energy. She glues, nails, rubs, scrapes, assembles, fixes on the canvas and colors soberly.
Through her works, Bernadette leads us into a fantasy, a creative world that gives life and sublimates multiple and heterogeneous materials, diverting the meaning of things in a kind of poetic deconstruction.

With humor, she addresses a small wink to our over-consuming society that does not yet care enough about the environment.

Opening in the presence of the artist: Saturday, August 27 from 10am to 3pm

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