In the footsteps of Lucy Walker: 150 years of the Matterhorn Climb


In the Footsteps of Lucy Walker: 150 Years of Matterhorn Climbing
On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the first female ascent of the Matterhorn, the exhibition presents the preparation of a documentary film, on the tracks of the women mountaineers of the 19th century and of the most prolific of them: Lucy Walker.

It allows visitors to discover the different stages in the preparation of this film project, from the initial research in the archives, through interviews with specialists and, above all, the re-enactments of historical scenes in the high mountains.

It thus makes perceptible the months of work necessary to finally build a film.

The archival documents and historical objects presented question the way in which the “great history” has been written, which has come down to us: on the subject of Lucy Walker and of women mountaineers in general, historians have often taken up the same stereotypes, the same way of interpreting historical sources without taking the trouble to question or criticize them.

The exhibition seeks to show that our vision of the world and our way of seeing the past are often determined by dominant, invisible and unconscious norms, and that it can be interesting to question the historical narratives that form the basis of our collective life.

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