Ganioz Project Space : Exhibition of Valentin Merle

Valentin Merle, From water to ashes

The Ganioz Project Space (GPS) presents Valentin Merle’s solo exhibition, “from water to ashes”. The artist unveils a project specially designed for the occasion. This installation work explores the questions of transformation cycles of raw resources.

“Multiplication, deconstruction, recomposition”, with these concepts, Valentin Merle questions the ecological impact of his artistic practice and also makes it the subject of his work. He is interested in rediscovering and experimenting with ancient or modest know-how. His gestures are simple, humble. If the motifs and structures follow geometric patterns, referring to minimal art, they carry within them a slight alteration: that of a repeated gesture, of an organic material that is never identical and does not follow imposed straight lines.

The opening will take place on Wednesday, November 23 at 6:30 pm at the Manoir de la Ville de Martigny.

Photo : ©Valentin Merle, “162 Quarts de cercles, Cyanotype on paper, 60 x 70 cm, 2021