Galerie La Belle Toile – Exhibition Yarka Gumy

Exhibition "Painter in freedom"


Swiss painter of Czech origin, Yarka lived in Prague until 1989 before moving to Switzerland.

After living in the canton of Fribourg for a few years, she moved to Payerne in 2006 where she studied with an experienced painter for several years.
Since 2015 she spends half of her life with her friend in Antagnes where she also has her studio.
Now Yarka makes so-called abstract paintings. They are characterized by a research on the light in order to obtain a transparency in the color and create luminosity in a painting.
She uses different materials such as acrylic, wax, tar, lime, ink and rust on different supports. Every year she participates in workshops to perfect her art.
She has exhibited in galleries in Villeneuve, Montreux, Fribourg, Rome and Pardubice (Czech Republic), in the clinics Cécil and Bois Cerf in Lausanne and the clinics Genévoise and Lucernoise in Cran Montana. She has also participated in group exhibitions in Savièse and Aigle.

Yarka has always been attracted to all forms of art. She has also followed training courses in the field of decorative ceramics and photography.

In painting, she tries to give a soul and a very personal touch to her works while constantly improving her techniques.

Important : Wearing a mask is mandatory!

Practical information:

Opening hours:
Wednesday and Thursday: 3pm – 5pm
Friday: 3pm – 6:30pm
Saturday: 10am – 12pm
And by appointment

Price: Free entrance

Photo credit: ©Yarka Gumy