Galerie La Belle Toile – Exhibition Jean-Claude Bolay

Exhibition "Visages et paysages"

Jean-Claude Bolay was born in Payerne (Switzerland) in 1954. From a very young age, he occupied his moments of solitude by telling himself stories through his drawings.

Considering the importance of expressing himself, in adolescence, he started his first watercolours accompanied by poems, very influenced by Folon. Later on, he realized oil paintings. Artists like Matisse, Klee or Rothko, give him the taste for expression.

In 1985, he obtained his doctorate in political science, then became involved in international cooperation. Determined and committed, he has had a life rich in professional and scientific experience. A university researcher for thirty years, he was a professor and director of cooperation at the EPFL, and is also the father of three children.

His work has taken him to the four corners of the world: Vietnam, Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Argentina, Haiti, and many others. His numerous trips abroad have stimulated his keen interest in art in all its forms, outside of the professional field. He loves literature, music, painting, sculpture, and more than anything else, as a city specialist, he loves to walk through its streets, surprised and curious about what he discovers. He takes advantage of exhibitions and museums. His discovery of David Hockney was a shock, moving from one technique to another, from one theme to another, he invented a new modernity of pictorial art.

In 2007, he decided to invest more in his artistic career. In order to improve his skills, he started taking courses in stone sculpture. In 2016, he continues with acrylic painting workshops. In 2018, he presents a first solo exhibition at the Galerie du Pressoir in Ecublens, Switzerland. Wishing to make his art travel, he will then present his works at the Galerie mp tresart, in Durham-Sud (QC, Canada) in 2020.

Today his work, as presented at the Galerie La Belle Toile, in Martigny, is above all a mix of reworked photographs, collages and paintings. Fascinated by colors and atmospheres, he plays with this artistic space to give free rein to his imagination, between reality and abstraction, just the immense joy of creating.

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