Galerie La Belle Toile – Antoinette Philippoz exhibition


Originally from Liddes, established in Leytron Antoinette PHILIPPOZ-DARBELLAY has a background in crafts, pottery and Ikebana. She expresses through her work, a very personal universe: abstract paintings with acrylic in which she incorporates many techniques such as rust, wax, bitumen, concrete or ink.

Weekly courses and annual workshops in Ticino allowed her to perfect these painting techniques.

Antoinette, of discreet temperament, feels inspired by a kind of energy linked to her momentary state. A perfectionist, she touches and retouches her canvas meticulously before she considers it finished.

The success of her 2018 exhibition at La Vidondé in Riddes prompted the artist to present her work under the theme “Art and Materials” at the Galerie La Belle Toile in Martigny-Bourg.

Practical information

Opening hours:
Wednesday and Thursday: 3pm – 5pm
Friday: 3pm – 6:30pm
Saturday: 10am – 12pm
And by appointment

Free admission

+41 79 542 1002