Festival of the 5 Continents

Travelling festival

Festival des 5 Continents 2022

The Festival des 5 Continents 2022 will take place over two weekends and in three Martigny districts:

-May 21 and 22, 2022 at Les Finettes
-June 24 and 25, 2022 in Le Bourg
-June 26, 2022 on the Place du Manoir

These events invite the public to an experience mixing musical, cultural and culinary discoveries from all over the world. This second itinerant edition reinforces the links between socio-cultural animation, integration, art and culture, while getting closer to the public.

The weekend of May 21-22 will mark the beginning of the festival, it will take place on the stadium of the Finettes district in Martigny. It will be characterized by a family and festive atmosphere, with the setting up of writing and flamenco workshops, the holding of the children’s souk and several concerts.

Detailed program: Please consult the complete program on the Festival des 5 Continents website!

Photo credit: © Nadia Vuilleumier, Festival des 5 Continents, August 2021