Distillerie Morand: Au-delà du fruit

Photography exhibition

This year, as part of the “Photography Unit” course, under the direction of photographer Laurence Rasti, five students from the Bachelor of Visual Arts programme had the opportunity to take part in a project proposed by the Morand Distillery and the EDHEA – Ecole de design et haute école d’art du Valais. The objective was to offer the public an author’s view of the history of the distillery, its location or the fruits distilled there, through photographic images. In the form of a competition, the images were selected by a jury in order to create an exhibition with very large format prints (between 4 and 5 metres high) outside and inside the distillery in Martigny.

This is Marcia Domenjoz’s project, in which she deals with questions of heritage and memory, against the background of her own family history. The visit to the distillery brings back memories of her grandmother’s kitchen, a place of sharing and transmission.

In his images, Alessandro Ferrari presents his alter ego Solo, a character from urban cultures. He is inspired by the practice of flexing, a word that comes from the English street slang to flex, which can be translated as “to exhibit”.

Winner of the Distillerie Morand Prize in 2021 for his diploma work, Romain Iannone highlights the creative and adventurous side of the product development process in his project and creates images that are the result of a game of staging, composition and balance.

Céline Simonetto proposes a project based on memory. When she thinks of Morand, she thinks of fruit, ripe to perfection, juicy and tasty. Squitch squitch.

Finally, Emilie Suchet is interested in the notion of time, of the meeting, the one before, the one after, a convivial moment. For the artist, Morand products evoke sharing, snacks surrounded by our loved ones.

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