Cinedoc: “En route pour le milliard” VOSTFR


Ciné-Doc, the monthly documentary meeting of regional cinemas

Organized in regional cinemas in Switzerland, Ciné-Doc screenings are events where the public, filmmakers and local associations meet.

Initiated in the Vallée de Joux in 2016, the project now has 10 partner cinemas in 5 cantons, in the Vallée de Joux, Orbe, Chexbres, Payerne, Bulle, Morat, Martigny, Monthey, Tavannes and Delémont.

Once a month, from October to April, a documentary film is shown in each of these cinemas during a unique screening, in the presence of guests, led by a team of mediators.

“En route to the billion”
For twenty years, victims of the Six Day War in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been fighting to obtain recognition of the conflict, condemnation of the belligerents and financial compensation. To make their rights heard in the face of government indifference, a group of survivors decided to undertake a long journey across the Congo River to Kinshasa.

The first Congolese film to be selected at the Cannes Film Festival, En route pour le Milliard is carried by the powerful and humanistic vision of its author. It is presented in collaboration with the Festival cinémas d’Afrique Lausanne where the film was screened in August 2021.

Practical information

10:30am: Start of the screening

CHF16: Adults
CHF14:Apprentices, Students, AVS, AI
CHF12: Children (under 12)