Château de St-Maurice: “Drôles de chats” exhibition


Drôles de chats

Offered on the two upper floors of the Château, this new original creation – composed essentially of reproductions – will take you on a journey of discovery of the humor of cats, here and there, yesterday and today!

You will discover, in particular, broad views on the works :

– French Guillaume Bianco (with excerpts from his magical and curious Billy Brouillard’s Feline Encyclopedia),
– Belgian Geluck (with a colorful gallery of tasty representations of his famous character of the Cat),
– the Lausanne-based illustrator Haydé (with a playful presentation of her favorite cat Milton and his world),
– the Belgian Peyo (with a historical dive into the adventures of his cat Poussy),
– Théophile Alexandre Steinlen (with his legendary wordless stories about cats)
– the French cartoonist Siné (with a generous extract from his famous and truculent collection of cats),
– and many others.

The exhibition also extends to a sensitive selection of works by illustrators and cartoonists of yesterday and today, from here and elsewhere, including Jean Luc-Deglin (F), Konami Kanata (Japan), Odrade (CH), Joan Sfar (F), Lewis Trondheim (F),…

As well as to the tributes to Steinlen’s cats imagined, as part of the 2016 BDFIL festival commission, by Aloys (CH),
Alex Baladi (CH), Blutch (F), Didier Rittener (CH), Exem (CH), Jochen Gerner (F), Haydé (CH), Herr Seele and Kamagurka (B), Kalonji (CH) Atsushi Kaneko (Japan), Mandryka (F), Julia Marti (CH), Dave Mc Kean (GB), Catherine Meurisse (F), Giacomo Nanni (I), Frederik Peeters (CH), Anna Sommer (CH), Tebo (F), Tom Tirabosco (CH), Fabio Viscogliosi (F), Wasterlain (B), Pierre Wazem (CH) and Zep (CH).

Practical information Please visit the website of the Château de St-Maurice !

Photo credit: ©Geluck, “Drôles de chats”, Poster A1