Cellar of the Manor – “Emballage perdu” Theater

Theater "Emballage perdu"

“For a year we have been sharing the same room, but not the same life (Julie works outside in statistics: Lena never goes out, she finishes her endless dissertation on Rigoletto, waiting for the return of Kerros, detained in a political prison); we rehearse roles (Phèdre, Tosca), we reread letters, we wait for them; we talk about Eric, about the appointments given at the Place de la Concorde (at the entrance to the sewers!) to strangers; we think of Brando, Mitchum, Stroheim and Lola Montes.”


But for Julie and Lena, this game with the chimera will have only one time, that of the hope. For Lena, too lucid, and Julie, too fragile, will not be able to save themselves through each other, as they may have had the illusion for a moment.

No one can escape his or her own violence, in a world where it is the law, and where love, even if it is shared, is a loser – even if it happens that the compassion of one being for another momentarily takes the place of recourse. Of salvation. Against despair and madness.

Duration : 2 hours
Director : Séverine Stalder
Playing : Christine Fournier and Aline Monsciani-Carrup

Practical information
Price : CHF 25.00
Doors open : 7:00 pm
Beginning of the play: 8:00 pm
End of the play : 22h00
Doors close at 00h00