Caves du Manoir : The Queeraoke

Karaoke in collaboration with the Manoir de la Ville de Martigny, as part of the exhibition Womanhouse 2021

Queeraoke is a big party where we are all stars. Queeraoke is a space where the voices of those who are silenced can resound. Queeraoke is an emancipating device where the vulnerability of the singers resonates with the generosity of the audience and envelops us in a great vibration of joy that heals.

Amal Alpha discovered the liberating power of karaoke in 2014 with Dana, a queer KJ based in Oakland. She is fascinated by how Dana, through her presence alone, manages to create a space where even the most introverted queerdos uninhibit and perform in front of a caring and loving audience.

Important: 2G (cured or vaccinated) mandatory from 16 years old with mask.

Practical information:

Opening hours:
8pm – 0am

Free admission, collect at the door.

Photo credit: ©Dolce_Vita_AnnaPizzolante_QueeraokePhare-1920×1280