Caves du Manoir – “Kestarçu?!” evening


“If you don’t know the concept, you’ve missed the last few years of your life. Well, we’ll find a solution: KESTARçU. You’ll see, you’re back in the bisse, well I mean in the bath, in short we understand each other… We remind the others that if they don’t want to stay outside in the cold or even worse at the midnight mass in Martigny-Ville (they have mulled wine at the exit just in case), they have to take tickets quickly quickly quickly… We close at 4am!” Caves du Manoir

Isn’t life beautiful here?

Practical information
DJ’s : Emile Winehouse, Radio Plaizir & DJ Lish
Price : CHF 10.00
Doors open : 23h00
Doors close : 04h00