Caves du Manoir: Concerts Total Cobra & Cargo Indigo

Rock Concerts

Cargo Indigo

Cargo Indigo is a rock trio formed in 2016. The first EP “Cavale” was released in March 2017.
The band scours the stages defending a raw and singular sound where guitar, bass and sharp drums are intertwined with exutory lyrics.

Their first album stands out with a raw sound, devoid of effects, animated by a powerful instrumental amplitude. Thought and composed with three heads, the 12 tracks tinged with melancholy and fury sound like a call to adventure and emotion.

Total Cobra

Total Cobra is named after a fictional character living in an Orwellian future.
Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and all born in the 1980s, the members of Total Cobra have used instruments and sounds from the 80s to create a musical atmosphere that is both nostalgic and futuristic.

Big fans of New Wave, Rock and Electro, the band’s inspiration comes from their daily life, friendship, difficulties and observation of political and philosophical movements in the world.

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Photo credit: ©Nadir Mokdad, Cargo Indigo