Barry Day

the Barry Day will take place on Saturday October 22, 2022 from 10 am to 6 pm between Barryland and the amphitheater of Martigny

During this festive day, the Barry Foundation and Barryland open their doors and propose to make discover the universe of Barry through surprising and playful animations for young and old.

On this occasion, the Saint-Bernards of the Barry Foundation will be on stage in the amphitheater of Martigny for a unique show “Ça tourne pour les Saint-Bernard”. In addition, the animals (geese, sheep, sheepdogs) of the Dogtrainer company as well as Juliette, winner of season 10 of Incroyable Talent (France), specialists in live shows focused on animal prowess, will perform several times during the day.

This is an all public event. As the event is based on the principle of an open house, the entrance to Barryland is free as well as the activities and shows

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