Théâtre des Osses – “Gouverneurs de la Rosée”

Show "Gouverneurs de la Rosée" by the Théâtre des Osses at the Théâtre Alambic in Martigny

In the scrubby hills of Haiti, on the outskirts of the dry village of Fonds-Rouge, Manuel, the son of Bienaimé and Délira, appears. He left fifteen years ago for the plantations of Cuba and now returns to his native land. But this land is dying, Men have neglected it and harmony has given way to aridity. By going in search of a spring to irrigate the fields, Manuel provokes a collective awareness. Each one allows himself to dream again of abundant harvests, of common work scandalized by the sound of drums, of singing and friendship…

In an original language made of music and images, Governors of the Dew is presented as a tale of alarm and hope. At once a tragic myth, a dreamlike tale and an ecological fable, the story tells of lives and voices that intertwine in a cry for love.

Duration 1h15 / From 12 years old

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