Théâtre Alambic – “Versant Rupal”

Versant Rupal is a choral narrative recounting a key event in the life of Reinhold Messner, a veritable myth of twentieth-century mountaineering.

In 1970, Reinhold and his brother Günther took part in an expedition to Nanga Parbat, an 8125 m peak in the Himalayan chain. On June 27, with the whole expedition still hampered by bad weather, Reinhold decided to tackle the final ascent solo. No rope, no tent, no provisions. He was banking on a rapid ascent and descent in the same day. At around 8000m, he was caught by a shadow: it was his brother who had set off in pursuit…

A thrilling mountain tale, the tragic story of the Messner brothers is brought to life here with three voices and a live percussionist,
Versant Rupal plunges us into the heart of a vertiginous adventure, between the adrenalin of the great summits, brotherhood and human folly.

Running time 1h30 / From age 12

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