The Béjart Ballet of Lausanne at the Amphitheatre in Martigny

"Alors on danse,,,!" by Gil Roman, "L'Oiseau de Feu" and "Boléro" by Maurice Béjart at the Amphithéâtre de Martigny.

“On July 14 and 16, 2023, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne will perform at the Amphitheatre in Martigny.

In the first part, Gil Roman proposes his last creation “Alors on danse…!”, dedicated to Patrick Dupond. This choreographic suite, articulated around the classical technique, has no other subject than the pleasure of dancing.

Second choreographic piece on the program of the evening: “L’Oiseau de Feu” by Maurice Béjart, set to the music of Stravinsky. “The Firebird is the Phoenix rising from its ashes. The Bird of Life and Joy, immortal, whose splendor and strength remain indestructible, internissible.” Maurice Béjart

The show ends with “Bolero”, a ballet created in 1961 by Maurice Béjart, to the music of Maurice Ravel. The central role – the Melody – is entrusted to a dancer. The Rhythm is interpreted by a group of dancers. Text by the Ballet Béjart de Lausanne

Practical information
– Unnumbered seats
– One price at CHF 50.00
– On sale at

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