Old Computer and Consoles Festival 2023 / OufParty

The OCCF is a retro-computer and console meeting with the goal of introducing as many people as possible to their passion.

“It will take place on June 3 and 4, 2023, from Saturday 8 a.m. to Sunday 6 p.m., with a closing time on Sunday morning from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m., at the Martigny municipal hall.

The Ouf’Party consists of four main parts:

– An exhibition part, which will be separated into several parts, the first one retracing the history of the Sinclair brand through various video games and goodies, the second one
games and goodies, a second one on game consoles, a third one on the

– A visitors’ part, where OCCC members will make some computers and consoles available to visitors and participants
so that they can discover or rediscover these machines by using them.

– A participants’ part, where anyone can register and install one of their machines, enjoy it or, according to their choice, have them
benefit from it.

– A technical part with a repairer, sellers of equipment for your Commodore and Atari and a Retrogaming dealer.

For the visitors, the entrance is free. For the participants, we try to keep the price as low as possible knowing that some of them do not hesitate to travel several hundred kilometers to come.

For the whole weekend, 50 CHF including the place connected to the Internet, the grill on Saturday noon, the raclette on Saturday evening, the breakfast and the meal on Sunday noon.

The price is reduced if a participant comes only one day, 20 CHF per day with 1 meal, 15 CHF per additional meal.

The payment can also be made in Euros, just replace CHF by EUR and is done at your arrival on site.

We ask participants to register for organizational reasons.

To do so, please complete the online form: https://form.jotform.com/230581475418055 ”

Text from OCCC

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