Media library : Exhibition “In the footsteps of Corinna

Read, recognized, respected, Goncourt of the short story in 1975 for the collection La Demoiselle sauvage, S. Corinna Bille wrote a lot for and about childhood.

It is above all to the young public that the Médiathèque Valais – Martigny wishes to make this marvelous voice heard by presenting the collection “La petite bibliothèque de Corinna”, published by Editions La Joie de lire.

The exhibition “Dans les pas de Corinna” allows children to discover the short stories of S. Corinna Bille and the original works of 10 Swiss artists who illustrated her short stories: Albertine, Adrienne Barman, Hannes Binder, Anne Crausaz, Mirjana Farkas, Isabelle Pralong, Meryl Schmalz, Anna Sommer, Vamille, Pierre Wazem.

Opening of the exhibition on Wednesday, February 8 at 4 pm

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