Manoir de la Ville – Maneuvering margins

The Marges de manœuvres exhibition takes up the imaginary world of consortia, age-old forms of common resource management.

It questions, without hierarchy among its interven∙e∙x∙s, ways of rethinking in art the question of the common good.

With proposals by Ericka Beckman, Mélanie Dubois, Séverin Guelpa, Christian Indermuhle, Richard Jean, Pauline Julier, Gaëtan Morard and Marie Sacconi. In collaboration with the consortages of Commeire and Sarreyer, the Centre de Loisirs et Culture de Martigny (CLCM) and a group of young people from Martigny.

The exhibition is the result of an HES-SO, EDHEA-IRAV (Institut de recherche en Arts Visuels) research project.

See the full program at

Opening and Nuit des Musées Saturday, November 11, 2023 from 5:30 p.m.

©Melanie Dubois, De l’herbe et de l’eau, 2019, video still

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