Galerie la Belle Toile – “Elements” exhibition

Painting and photography exhibition

Mrs Maguy Bovier

The worlds of photography and art fascinate me. Photography allows me to express myself beyond words.

At the age of seven, my father gave me my first camera. This precious gift triggered my enthusiasm, my explorations and tests, which were as varied as they were sometimes improbable. My love of photographic blur was revealed at that very moment.

My interest in the Arctic regions was awakened at the same time, when I leafed through a picture book. In the background of the story danced the poetic phenomenon of the northern lights. I dream about them for a long time, but I have a feeling I’m going to have a rendezvous with them.

The encounter comes many years later and is rich, fascinating…cold too… and far beyond what I could have imagined. It was the start of a wonderful adventure! Last August, four of my photographs were selected by the jury of the International Photo Festival Olten (IPFO) and exhibited as part of the festival. I dedicated this wonderful event to the man who introduced me to photography and who now accompanies me live from Heaven.

In love with rain, gusts of wind, blizzards, biting cold and enchanting landscapes, I can’t wait to share my Arctic exploration with you.

Ms Amanda Fumeaux-Bétrisey,

Amanda Fumeaux-Bétrisey, born in 1977, originally from Lens, France, single mother of 4, is a self-taught artist.

She took a few courses in “feeling” painting, but later turned more to mixed media.

Perfectionist, lively, sensitive and attentive to others, this technique is more like her and evolves in parallel with her life path.

The distinctive feature of her work is the use of transparent resin to add relief to her canvases.

Painting, a lifelong passion, resurfaced a few years ago between her family, professional, friendly and sporting life.

“It helps me express what my heart and soul have to say.

Mixing colors and materials gives way to new emotions and energies that bring me deep warmth and incredible inner well-being”.

Criticism, whether positive or negative, helps me to move forward and improve.

Opening in the presence of the artists
Saturday, November 4, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Opening hours
Wednesday and Thursday 3pm – 5pm
Friday 3pm – 6:30pm
Saturday 10h – 12h


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