Ciné-conférence at the Cinéma Casino – Zanskar, sower of joy

Each year, CAP SUR LE MONDE offers a range of reports to share other perspectives on the world.

Each film is an invitation to discover the Earth, far from tourist brochures, as close as possible to the people we meet and their environment. Our globetrotting lecturers offer you a feast of images, words and music through their video projections.

Zanskar is a high Himalayan valley in north-western India, steeped in Tibetan culture. It remains isolated in winter, with no passable roads. Only 50 years ago, this peaceful corner of the world lived in autarky. The harsh climate requires social cohesion, which Buddhism tends to reinforce. But things are changing, and everyone must now find their place in a galloping, greedy and sometimes disturbing modernity.
Sowers of Joy is a film born of my encounter with eleven Buddhist nuns from Zanskar, a Himalayan valley perched at 3700 meters. They had had little education, and some had never left their mountains. I promised them that we would discover India, their country, together. This film tells the story of our friendship, the realization of that dream and its repercussions. It is a tribute to the remarkable hearts of eleven women whose joy is contagious. It is also a confrontation for these nuns between the isolation of a Himalayan winter and a modern life acquired through globalization, between happiness and knowledge…
After four months of long travel, the women return to their village full of ideas and hope for the future of their nunnery. This film tells of a fragile contrast between Zanskar and Nicobar, at the antipodes of a little-known India, between the isolation of a Himalayan winter and a life acquired through globalization, between happiness and knowledge.

Practical info
– Tickets on sale directly at the cinema
– Prices: adults CHF 17.00 / AVS,AI,étudiant CHF 14.00 / children, institutions CHF 13.00
– Screenings at 2:30pm and 7:30pm

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