Ciné-conférence at Cinéma Casino – Scotland

Each year, CAP SUR LE MONDE offers a range of reports to share other perspectives on the world.

Each film is an invitation to discover the Earth, far from tourist brochures, as close as possible to the people we meet and their environment. Our globetrotting lecturers offer you a feast of images, words and music through their video projections.


To think of Scotland is to immerse oneself in a grandiose, wild and varied universe. This small, sparsely populated country has made a major contribution to the development of civilization. A land of mist and mystery, its history is fascinating. Remember Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland by birth and of France by marriage.

Scotland’s many exceptional roads will reveal some very powerful emotions. The south is poetic, the center innovative and the north sublime. Edinburgh is the economic and tourist capital, Glasgow the industrial metropolis. Both are as different as they are exciting, inhabited by the creative genius of the Scots.

Three thousand castles are the stuff of legend. A number of national parks, cloaked in plant life, are decked out in their finest every season.

Scotland possesses inexhaustible natural resources, the blue gold of lakes and rivers, the black gold of oil and the yellow gold of the elixir of life: whisky. It is also a pioneer in the use of green energies, such as that generated by the waves of the sea.

Practical info

– Tickets on sale directly at the cinema

– Prices: adults CHF 17.00 / AVS,AI,étudiant CHF 14.00 / children, institutions CHF 13.00

– Screenings at 2:30pm and 7:30pm

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