Ciné-conférence at Cinéma Casino – On the Voices of the Americas

Each year, CAP SUR LE MONDE offers a range of reports to share other perspectives on the world.

Each film is an invitation to discover the Earth, far from tourist brochures, as close as possible to the people we meet and their environment. Our globetrotting lecturers offer you a feast of images, words and music through their video projections.

Passionate about nature and the world, Julien Defourny takes us on a life-changing adventure to South America. For him, mountains symbolize the beginning of life, and he begins his film in the Andes, before following the water cycle. In the course of his many adventures, he meets a number of people whose lives or professions have a strong link with the Earth, raising new questions and giving a profound meaning to his life. Having crossed the whole of South America, he continued his journey to reach the city of Vancouver, 4 years after his departure. At a time when environmental issues and encounters are challenging his beliefs about the world, these 46,500 motorless kilometers, guided by the voices of the Americas, have opened his mind to the meaning of life and humanity.

Practical info
– Tickets on sale directly at the cinema
– Prices: adult CHF 17.00 / AVS,AI,étudiant CHF 14.00 / child, institution CHF 13.00
– Screenings at 2:30pm and 7:30pm

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