La Lanterne Magique

The cinema for the little ones!

Initiated by the children’s film club La Lanterne Magique, La Petite Lanterne offers a new activity to introduce children aged 4-6 to the world of cinema with their parents.

Each session is divided into two parts. In the first part, a cine-explorer guides the spectators into the world of cinema. He or she gently leads the film-exploration by playing with excerpts from films that, for the most part, are part of the film heritage of young audiences and can be seen later by children in their entirety at home.

In the second part, the cine-explorer introduces the children to several short films adapted to their age and always related to the theme of the session. The 4-6 year olds appreciate these films all the more because of their content, duration, rhythm and the way they are presented. Because of their content, duration, rhythm and sound level, these quality short films are adapted to the youngest children, but also arouse the interest of adults, making the screening a beautiful moment of complicity.

Next screenings at the Cinéma Casino, at 10:00 am:
– Saturday, November 5, 2022 / Screening: Emotions
– Saturday, January 28, 2023 / Screening : Difference
– Saturday March 18, 2023 / Screening : Planet

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