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Management of natural hazards along the international route of the Great St. Bernard.

By Mr. Pascal Stoebener, forestry engineer and Mr. Cédric Zambaz, geologist and hydrogeologist, Natural Hazards Department, State of Valais.

Natural hazards concern a large part of the road axes in the canton of Valais. The Great St. Bernard axis is no exception to this rule. This axis, which has been taken over by the Federal Roads Office since January 1, 2020, is indeed threatened by several natural hazards such as avalanches, debris flows and especially rock falls.

The Natural Hazards Service (formerly the Forestry and Landscape Service) has invested more than 18 million Swiss francs in the protection of this axis over the past decades in the framework of about ten separate projects. This amount does not include the investments made by the Roads Department, i.e. protection tunnels and works to protect against floods and debris flows.

However, even the protective measures that have been put in place are not sufficient to fully guarantee the safety of this axis. It is essential to supplement these structures with monitoring and organizational measures.

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