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Inventory of beetles in the beech forest of Mont Chemin, by Mr. Andreas Sanchez, biologist, scientific collaborator at Info Fauna.

Between 2013 and 2021, an inventory of beetles was conducted in the beech forest of Mont Chemin near Martigny. A total of 242 species were discovered, 201 of which are related to dead wood (saproxylic), making it one of the most diverse sites in Switzerland for this trophic group.

Located on the northern slopes, this forest is rather cool and humid for the canton of Valais and is particularly rich in xylo-mycetophagous beetles (linked to lignicolous fungi), among which several are extremely rare in Switzerland.

The conference will briefly present some of the particularly interesting results of this research, as well as the reasons that explain this formidable biodiversity.

Practical information
– Starting time: 8:00 pm
– Free entrance

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