18th Festival du Film Vert

Cinema for a sustainable future.

The 2023 edition of the Green Film Festival will take place from March 4 to April 9 in more than 90 different locations in French-speaking Switzerland, France, Ticino and Burkina-Faso. The complete program will be published online in mid-February, but some information will certainly leak out by then. For the time being, the numerous teams of volunteers are preparing their programs.

Trétien – Ancienne Ecole du Trétien, Le Lebas 4, 1922 Salvan
March 10th

– 7:15 pm: Everything begins

March 11th
– 1:15pm : Irreducibles
– 4:15pm: The Oak
– 19h00 : Eating leads to extinction
– 8:35 pm : Eating is political

Finhaut – Multipurpose hall
March 13th

– 7:15 pm: The Factory of Pandemics

Trient – Salle Communale
17th march

– 19h30 : Rewild

Transportation to the Festival is offered by TMR.

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