Three Italies is first and foremost about radically different styles of composition, as well as three worlds that are sometimes in opposition. Inspired by a trip, Mendelssohn drew on the characteristic rhythms and motifs of Italian dances to compose his fourth symphony.

Friday 9 June 2023, 8pm


Postponed until the winter of 2022, the collaboration with the violin and double bass solos of the Orchestra of La Scala in Milan will finally take place, and in a different program than the one initially planned. The Symphonists are particularly happy with the presence of these two musicians, whose influence is both regional, since Francesco De Angelis is a professor at the HEMU in Sion, and international.


The very colourful style of a film music regular like Nino Rota brings to the program a lot of curiosity and discovery. And, at the heart of the program, the concerto of a brilliant double bass player and composer who knew how to highlight his instrument in very demonstrative pieces of exceptional difficulty. A perfect opportunity to call upon these two very talented soloists from the region where Giovanni Bottesini was born.


  • Place: Salle des Alambics in Martigny
  • Time: 8pm (doors open at 7.30pm)
  • Ticketing: tickets available at the Martigny Tourism box office or online on the Symphonistes d’Octodure website
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