75th anniversary of the Comberintze

The Comberintze celebrates its 75th anniversary by inviting, among other surprises, the best known Swiss traditional culture group "Oesch's Die Dritten".


Come and experience an incredible jubilee with the Comberintze on Friday 16 June at the Salle de l’Eau-Vive in Martigny-Croix.

Programme for Friday 16 June

6pm – Doors open – Entertainment
8pm – La Comberintze
8:30 pm – 1 Franc Suisse – Yves Moulin and Yann Fiard
10pm – Oesch’s Die Dritten
11:30 pm – Magic Men Ball


CHF 45.00 // Seating not numbered, entry not possible between 8pm and 11.30pm
CHF 10.00 from 11.30 p.m. (on the spot only)

Oesch’s Die Dritten
Their name is a programme in itself and their music is unique, authentic and recognisable. With more than 200 TV appearances and over 1,650 concerts in 14 countries, Oesch’s die Dritten is one of the most successful Swiss bands. One moment with the friendly folk sextet and the magic is already happening: their enthusiasm, joy and passion are contagious. Thanks to this energy, the group manages to dust off the image of folk music without denying its roots. Come and see a colourful concert full of vitality!

1 Franc Suisse
In “1 Franc Suisse”, Pile (Yves Moulin) and Face (Yann Fiard) dust off the French chanson and share songs, smiles and dance steps with their audience.

Programme for Saturday 17 June
Don’t hesitate to continue the adventure on Saturday 17 June 2023 by discovering several folklore groups in a show with the theme “Tales and Legends”.

16h00 – Procession
5pm – Entertainment
8pm – “Tales and Legends” show, free entry
10 p.m. – Magic Men’s Ball (admission 10.- CHF)

Grill – Menu – Raclette – Bar – Canteen – Artisans

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