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Martigny Region


Map of Region


Martigny region - Bovernier



Bovernier’s inhabitants have been nicknamed Vouipes, the same word used for wasps. The village, located at the base of the Catogne mountain, is the home of the Durnant Gorges and of the Fountain Walk; it is also known for the open-mindedness and welcoming hospitality of its people. If you stop by to try the world’s best gamay (grape variety), you won’t regret...

Martigny region - Charrat



The village of Charrat was created after its separation from Martigny in 1836. It is known as one of the few lands in Western Europe where the adonis (small yellow flower) grows naturally and visibly during the spring, along the Sentier des Adonis (adonises footpath). Strollers can also visit an entirely restored common oven (four banal, in French) on top of the Vison hills.

Martigny region - Dorenaz



Located at the entrance of the Dorénaz village are the cliffs where countless climbing enthusiasts come to practice their sport. 305 million-years old, they are considered the second oldest rocks in Switzerland. A cable-car connects - many times a day - Dorénaz with the hamlets of Alesse and Champex, inhabited during the whole year and working as departure points to several hiking routes.

Martigny region - Finhaut



An important alpine resort in the beginning of the 20th century, the town is nowadays known for its untouched wildlife, and for the Emosson Reservoir Lake, Verticalp Emoson and its two-cabin cable-car, the steepest in the world. In the Old-Emosson valley, over 800  dinosaur's ancestor tracks dated back to 250 million years have been discovered, and constitute a unique excursion.

Martigny region - Fully



Fully is a town which extends itself 5 miles wide at the base of a majestic mountain: the Chavalard. Fully’s emblematic grape variety, the petite Arvine, grows interlaced in its sunny vineyards. The Follatères nature reserve houses unique mediterranean plant varieties from Switzerland. In October Fully warmly celebrates the Châtaigne (chestnut) festival, with the fruits of its famous 17-hectare chestnut grove.

Martigny region - Leytron



The Leytron village, at the base of the Muveran, has in its vineyards the Humagne grape variety. In a South-facing plateau, the Ovronnaz resort benefits from a mild and invigorating climate and offers its guests many skiable acres amidst untouched nature settings, a Thermalp centre with thermal pools and a beautiful area, which stays open all year round, and a hiking circuit of over 93 miles.

Martigny region - Martigny Combe



The village spreads from the plains to the mountains, all the way to Ravoire, which offers a route for visiting the fours banals (communal ovens). The Plan-Cerisier hamlet, located at the heart of the vineyards, has an exceptional view to the Rhone valley and is the home of the small Swiss museum dedicated to grapes and wine. From the Arpille’s summit, you will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Mont-Blanc, the Trient glacier and the Léman lake.

Martigny region - Saillon



Saillon is a remarkably well-preserved historical bourg whose scents blossom during the day. In the vineyards, among the parchets (different vineyard zones), almond trees stand alongside olive and fig trees... and asparaguses! At the village’s centre, the thermal bath centre Bains de Saillon welcomes visitors who want to relax. The Via Farinetta, as well as the Musée de la Fausse Monnaie (counterfeit moneymuseum), celebrate the famous counterfeiter Farinet.

Martigny region - Salvan



Upon arriving in Salvan, one can see a small plateau surrounding the village and old stone-built chalets from the belle époque of pre-War tourism. Not far from there, the authentic hamlet of les Marécottes, with its Swiss charm, and the valley’s well-preserved natural environment give Salvan the status of a treasure: « Spectacular. Naturally. »

Martigny region - Saxon



In Saxon, the apricot town at the base of the Pierre Avoi, everyone can create his or her own itinerary through the Sentier d’Adonis (footpath of the small yellow flowers called adonises) and the Sentier de l’Abricot (apricot footpath), with the possibility of a didactic walk with games at the Sentier Ludique, unique in Switzerland. You can also walk the Bisse de Saxon, Valais’ longest footpath. Immerse yourself in Saxon’s history by visiting its museum, and join the Fête de l’Abricot, biannual apricot festival which takes place in the first weekend of August.

Martigny region - Saint-Maurice



Saint-Maurice is one of the cultural jewels of the Léman region. A town of national importance and key stopover site of the Via Francigena, it is listed among the most remarkable places in Switzerland. Home of a rich historical heritage, it also has a prestigious abbey, a picturesque castle built in the Rhone valley, a misterious fortress formerly considered top secret, and an enchanted cave open to public visitation since 1863.

Martigny region - Trient



The Trient Glacier and the Forclaz Pass are the most famous sites in the Trient village, one of the smallest in Switzerland, with 150 inhabitants. A true corner of paradise surrounded by rich untouched wildlife, every Summer it receives numerous hikers walking the Mont-Blanc route. During winter, Trient becomes the ideal base camp for ski lovers.

Martigny region - Vernayaz



Vernayaz is the newest village of the Valais – it was founded in 1912, after its separation from Salvan. The Pissevache waterfall seems to gush out of the mountain with a spectacular fall of over 370 feet. Vernayaz is the home of the Trient gorges, which are impressive witnesses to the erosion phenomenon ; it also houses the two Gueuroz bridges with over 650 feet - among Europe’s tallest.


The Tourist Office

Office du Tourisme de Martigny

Services available

Details about events and must-sees in Martigny and vicinities, as well as conference room and venue reservations, holiday offers and packages, further recommendations etc. Our team will be delighted to help!


Presenting the Tourist Office

Our offices are located at the l’Avenue de la Gare 6, at the bottom of the Central Square. 


Opening times:


October until May

Monday to Friday:
9 am - 6 pm

10 am - 2 pm

Sundays and public holidays:


June until September

Monday to Friday:
9 am - 6:30 pm

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Sundays and public holidays:
9 am - 2 pm





Martigny Tourisme
Avenue de la Gare 6 - Case postale 800 - CH - 1920 Martigny

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City tour


Batiaz route


Batiaz route


- City Manor
- Louis Moret Foundation
- District of la Bâtiaz, Vault and Bridge
- la Bâtiaz Castle


Download the la Bâtiaz route in pdfDownload the la Bâtiaz route in pdf

Martigny Bourg route


Martigny Bourg route


- School Théatre Alambic
- Church Notre Dame de la Visitation
- Archaeological sites
- St. Bernard Dogs and Museum
- Amphitheatre
- Pierre Gianadda Foundation
- Bourg District
- Semblanet Mill


Download the la Bâtiaz course in pdfDownload the la Bâtiaz course in pdf

Route Martigny City


Route Martigny City


- The Earth and Sciences Museum
- The Tourism Office
- Valais media library
- Maison de la Musique
- Center of Leisures and Culture
- Conference centre du Parc


Download the Route Martigny City in pdfDownload the Route Martigny City in pdf


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